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Our Major Suppliers

The following suppliers are our main suppliers just as examples. We are specialized in and covering a wide range of Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental Testing.

ADCMT Corporation
Multimeter, High Resistance Meter, Optical Power Meter, Optical Spectrum Analyzer, AC/DC Voltage Current Source
Advantest Corporation
Board Network Analyzer, AirLogger (Wireless Data Logger)
Force Gage, Force Measuring Amplifier, Desktop Force Tester, Precision Force Tester,
Contec Co., Ltd.
DAQ & Control, IoT/M2M, Edge Computing, and Computer Networking
Nikon Metrology NV
CNC Video Measuring System, Measuring Microscope, Profile Projector, Shuttle Pix, Laser scan, 3D CMM, X-ray and CT inspection, Industrial Microscope
Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Oscillator, Withstanding Voltage Tester, DC Power Supply, AC Power Supply, Electronics Load, Function Generator, High Voltage Digital Meter, Digital Multimeter
LCR Meter, Data Logger, Hipot Tester, Electric Safety Tester, Resistance Tester, Power Meter, Multimeter, Insulation Megaohmmeter, Clamp Meter…
Vibration Testing System, DC Exciter Power Supply, Automatic Vibration Controller, Universal Vibrometer, Accelerometer, Charge Amplifier, Vibrochamber
Environmental Test Chamber, Warm (humidity) tester HIFLEX NEO, Compact / multistage stacking temperature (humidity) tester
Suga Test Instruments Co.,Ltd
Salt Spray Test Instrument / CASS Test Instrument / Humidity Test Instrument, Cyclic Corrosion Test Instruments, Ozone Weather Meter / Gas Test Instrument / G’s Oven
Graphtec Corporation
Hybride Corder, Linear Corder, Thermal Array Corder, Multi Corder, Servo Corder, X-Y Recorder, Laser Vibrometer, Noise Meter, Flutter Analyzer, Pen Plotter, Cutting Plotter, Penless Plotter, Thermal Plotter
Hitachi-Johnson Controls Air Conditioning Inc
Environmental Temperature/ Humidity Test Chamber, Thermal Heat Shock Chamber, Dynamic Burn-in Test Chamber, Clean Room System, Air Shower, Clean Bench, Multi Package IC Handler, IC Tester
Digital Storage Scope, Syncroscope, Logic Analyzer, Protocal Analyzer, Data Communication Tester, Data Logger, Frequency Counter, Digital Multimeter, Plotter, Pulse Generator
NF Techno Commerce Co., Ltd.
Signal Generator, LCR Meter, Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer , AC Voltmeter/Noise Meter, Frequency Response Analyzer, Power Amplifier, Fuel Cell Testing System, Grid-ConnectionTesting System
Electrostatic Discharge Simulator (ESS series), Electrostatic Discharge Simulator for Semiconductors, Impulse Noise Simulator (INS Series), Lightning Surge Simulator (LSS), Voltage Dip and Swell Simulator (VDS), Automotive Transient Surge Simulator(ISS/JSS),
Orange Book Jr. English ver. 2018-2019
Sound and Vibration Tester, Automotive Test System, Powertrain testing machine, Flow Meter, Engine Tachometer, Handheld Engine Tachometer,
Oxford Technical Solution Ltd.
OxTS’ inertial navigation systems are used by more than 90% of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Delivering precision measurements and premium performance at a affordable pricing, OxTS are the industry’s first choice for capturing accurate vehicle testing measurements.
High Speed Camera
RION CO.,LTD.   Certificate of Authorized Distributorship  Engineers who have completed sound level meter repair training are available.
Sound Level Meter, Particle Counter, Averaging Unit, Aerosol Dilution Unit, Noise Level Meter, Vibration Meter
Engineers who have completed sound level meter repair training are available.
TOA ELECTRONICS, Inc. Flash Support Group Company
Radio Telephone Tester, Data Communicator Analyzer, PCW Communication Measurement Equipment, Stereo Signal Generator, Transmission Measurement Equipment, Level Meter, EP-ROM Programmer, LCR Meter
Topcon Technohouse Corporation
Optical Measurement Apparatus, Semiconductor Inspection Apparatus, etc
Watanabe Electric Industry Co. Ltd.
Leading manufacturer of Digital Panel Meters & Signal converters in Japan.
Used for measuring DC / AC / Temperature / Load cell / Resistance / Speed / Rotation / Flow etc.
Also, Digital panel meters have output options such as RS-232C / RS-485 / Analog signal / BCD / Relay / Photocoupler etc.
Our products are mainly used in Semiconductor / Automotive / Machine maker / Control panel board maker / Engineering company / Various factory / Water treatment / plant etc.

Certificate of Authorized Distributorship 

Product Line

Electronic measurement instruments Battery and Capacitor Testers, AC・DC Power Supply, Electronic Load, Electrical Safety Tester, ESD Simulator, Iron Loss Tester
Digital Multimeter, Data Logger, Spectrum Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, Gang Programmer, Coil Tester, PH Meter, Sound Level Meter, LCR Meter
Dispenser, Speaker Test Oscillator, Digital Oscilloscope, Particle Counter, AM/FM Signal Generator, Multifunction Generator, Audio Analyzer
Testing machine Vibration Testing machine, Combined Enviromental Reliability Test System, 3D Cordinate Measurering, Surface Tester,
Temperature & Humidity Chamber, Thermal Shock Chamber, Oven, Walk in Chanber, Hot and Cold Generator Chamber
Coordinate Measuring Machine, Vision Mesurering System, Profile Projector, Universal Testing Machine, Precision Mesuring Instruments
Salt Splay Machine, Xenon Weather Meter, Flammibility Test Instrument, Anechoic room, Shielded room
Analyzer X-ray System, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotpmeter, Fourier Transform Spectrometer, Optical Emission Spectrometer
Microscope, Hi-Speed camera, Electromagnetic Filed Visualization System

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