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Commitment to Data Privacy Protection

    • Nihon Denkei Vietnam Co.,Ltd (hereafter, “NDV”) collect and use your personal information in relation to Denkei Vietnam’s websites, applications, products and services (together, “NDV’s Products”) in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy.
    • Any products, services, websites, or contents that are offered by third parties or have their own Privacy Policy are not covered by this Privacy Policy.
    • This Privacy Policy includes the following contents:
  1. What We Collect
    • We may collect your personal information in the course of providing Denkei Vietnam’s Products to you. The collection of your personal information shall be made in accordance with this Privacy Policy where posted in connection with NDV’s Products and as permitted by applicable data protection laws of relevant jurisdictions.
    • Information of users that NDV will collect such as below:
    • a) Full name;
    • b) Phone number;
    • c) Your company’s name;
    • d) Email;
    • e) Address;
    • For each other, specific collection purposes, from time to time NDV may require users to provide additional information to ensure the user’s use or to ensure the connection between NDV and Users are smooth, convenient.
    • For the scope of collecting Information mentioned in this Policy, users can choose to provide or refuse to provide Information to NDV.
  2. Scope of using information
    • Your personal information may be used to administer, deliver, and improve NDV’s Products.
    • We collect User Information mainly for the purpose of supporting and maintaining relationships with Users such as:
    • • Maintain contact with users, answer user questions related to the Products and Services of NDV;
      • Send open letters, letters of thanks;
      • Notify users of promotional information, advertisements or for direct marketing purposes.

    • NDV collects Information to serve the purpose of improving the quality of the Services such as:
    • • Identify visitors, website of NDV;
      • Analyzing and optimizing websites of NDV;
      • Assess, Evaluate, and Improve NDV’s Products To assess the use, evaluate performance, fix errors, support and develop NDV’s Products.
      • Other contents that NDV is allowed to use the Information are not contrary to the provisions of law
  3. Collection and Use of Cookies
    • We may use cookies and other similar technologies (collectively, “cookies”) for a variety of purposes. We may use cookies to recognize your browser or device, understand more about your preferences, deliver to you certain basic features and services, and for other purposes, such as:
    • • Identifying you when you sign in to use NDV’s Products. This allows us to provide you with suggestions, display content personalized to you, and provide other customized features and services.
      • Paying attention to your preferences so we can know what you like and do not like, such as the language and configuration that you chose.
      • Researching and analyzing information to improve NDV’s Products.
      • Complying with legal obligations as part of our general business operations.
      • Preventing fraud and situations that cause a potential threat to the safety or property of any person.
      • Securing your information and our services from unauthorized access, loss, and misuse. Improving safety.
      • Delivering content, including ads, relevant to your interests on our sites and third-party sites. Evaluating the performance of NDV’s Products.

    • Cookies allow you to utilize certain essential features of ours. For example, if you reject our cookies, you may be unable to use certain products that require your sign-in information, or you may have to adjust some preferences or language settings manually every time you visit our sites or applications.
  4. Commitment to customer information security
    • At NDV, security is a priority. We design our systems with your security and privacy in mind.
    • - Personal information of customer on NDV’s website are committed to absolute confidentiality in accordance with NDV’s personal information protection policy. The collection and use of information by each visitor is done only with the consent of that user unless otherwise provided by law.
      - Do not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the customer’s personal information without the consent of the customer.
      - In case the information server is attacked by a hacker resulting in personal data loss, NDV will be responsible for reporting the incident to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notification. for members to know.
      - Absolutely confidential all information of customer
  5. How Long We Store Personal Information
    • We retain your personal information to provide you with NDV’s Products, for as long as it is needed to meet the relevant purposes described herein, as may be required by law (including for tax and accounting purposes), or as otherwise informed to you. How long we keep certain personal information will be different based on the purpose for its use, and we will adhere to the law when deleting your personal information.
  6. Contact Us and Updates
    • If you have any questions about privacy at NDV, this Privacy Policy or our data processing activities, please contact us at the addresses below:
    • Email:
      Address: Floor 4-5, No. 79 Tran Thai Tong Street, Dich Vong ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

    • Our business changes constantly and our Privacy Policy may also change. You should check our website frequently to see recent updates. Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all personal information we have about you and your account. We will not update our Privacy Policy to make it less protective of personal information collected in the past without letting the relevant customers know and providing them a choice.
    • This Privacy Policy was last updated on the date first identified above and all updates will be posted on this page.