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We have an experienced team of trained & qualified engineers to provide repair, setup, installation, relocation, maintenance for a wide range of test & measuring equipment.


Graphtec Co.,Ltd
Data Logger

Suga Test Instruments Co.,Ltd.
Xenon Weather Meter, Super Xenon Weather Meter, Sunshine Weather Meter, UV Fade Meter, Fluorescent Weather Meter, Salt Spray Test Instrument, CASS Test Instrument, Humidity Test Instrument, Cyclic Corrosion Test Instrument, Gas Test Instrument, Ozone Weather Meter, Gas Test Instrument, G’s Oven Colour Meter, Gloss Meter, Haze Meter, Image Clarity Meter, Refrectance/Transmittance Meter and others, Automobile-related Test instrument, Flammability Test Instrument, Abrasion Tester, Colour Fastness Test Instruments, Architecture-related Test Instrument, Applied Technology

Electronics test Measurments, Data Logger, Impedance Analyzer, Safty tester

Aikoh Engineering
Maintenance & Calibration of RZ Series Digital Force Gauge, Calibration of Amplifier Model-1016

Electrostatic Discharge Simulator (ESS series) , Electrostatic Discharge Simulator for Semiconductors, Impulse Noise Simulator (INS Series), Fast Transient Burst Simulator(FNS), Lightning Surge Simulator (LSS), Voltage Dip and Swell Simulator (VDS), Emission Measurement Equipment (EPS), Damped-Oscillatory Wave Simulator (SWCS), Automotive Transient Surge Simulator(ISS/JSS), Power Supply Voltage Fluctuation Simulator(SG)

Hitachi Kucho SE

Advantest Corporation
Board Network Analyzer, Evolutionary Value Added Measurement System, AirLogger™ (Wireless Data Logger)