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Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Guidelines for Personal Information Protection

Nihon Denkei co., ltd. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “Nihon Denkei”) fully understands the inherent responsibility of “entities handling personal information” to protect personal information of all people including customers and suppliers who provide personal information to Nihon Denkei (hereinafter each of such persons is referred to as “the person”). Therefore, Nihon Denkei has established specific policies on handling personal information as stated below, and thus will make every effort to protect personal information.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

Whenever Nihon Denkei asks a person to provide Nihon Denkei with his/her personal information, we specify in advance the purpose for which the personal information will be used (hereinafter referred to as “purpose of use”).
In the following cases, however, we may omit specifying the purpose of use.

  • When personal information is provided in a business meeting or in the exchange of business cards.
  • When personal information is provided on business cards at events, fairs, or seminars etc.

When a person uses our website, we may ask him/her for personal information to satisfy his/her demand. In any case, we will specify the purpose of use, so please provide us your personal information after making sure it by yourself.

  • User registration
  • Product registration
  • Download of catalogs or technical materials or request for documents
  • Application for participation in event
  • Questionnaire or something
  • Request for estimation, repair and calibration of products
  • Job application
  • Others

We are making best efforts to protect personal information of customer who is the owner of it. Information we collect from customers on our website is only used for the purpose of providing valuable information for customers and improving our service level.
We will not use them for any other purpose.

2.Use of Personal Information

We will use personal information within a range necessary to achieve the purpose of use bellow.
When we use customer’s personal information without the range of the purposes bellow, we will acquire the person’s consent in advance.

  1. Answer or sending inquiries as to quotations, document requests, or something about exhibited products
  2. Answer for opinions or inquiries to our service of our website.
  3. Notice of questionnaire, sales promotion, or something. Making contact with the winners. Shipping prizes
  4. E-mail newsletter. Delivering information such as various announcements

3.Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Nihon Denkei does not disclose personal information to any third parties except under one or more of the following conditions

  1. When the person has given his/her consent
  2. When personal information is disclosed in a manner whereby the person cannot be identified (e.g. statistical data).
  3. When personal information is disclosed to Nihon Denkei dealers or affiliates etc. that have been obligated to preserve confidentiality to Nihon Denkei within the scope necessary to perform the purpose of use.
  4. When it is necessary for the settlement of payment for products purchased or services provided to disclose personal information to financial institutions etc.
  5. When disclosure to third parties is authorized by related laws or guidelines.
  6. When a judicial or administrative organization has ordered the disclosure or provision of personal information according to laws or ordinances.
  7. When personal information is disclosed or shared between Nihon Denkei co., ltd. and its subsidiaries or between the subsidiaries within the scope necessary to perform the purposes of use.

4.Management of Personal Information

In order to prevent leakage, alteration, loss, or use for anything other than the purpose of use, Nihon Denkei manages personal information strictly in a safe environment under strict security according to related laws, guidelines, and internal regulations.

5.Inquiries of Personal Information

A person who wishes to access, alter, or correct his/her own personal information should contact the section or staff in Nihon Denkei to whom the person has provided their personal information (contact information site that is displayed on the Web site through which personal information has been provided). Nihon Denkei will then respond to the person’s request in a timely manner according to prescribed procedures.
In those cases, in order to prevent unlawful acquisition or alteration of personal information by third parties, Nihon Denkei will confirm whether the request is really done by the person himself/herself.

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