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Company History

Company History

Since its establishment, Nihon Denkei has consistently been dealing various types of electronic measuring instruments and systems made by various companies

History of Nihon Denkei

Company History Timeline

1950 Sep Nihon Denkei Co., Ltd. is founded with a capital of ¥300,000
1969 May Moving Head Office to 5-14-12, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
1984 Nov Capital increased to ¥100,000,000
1985 Apr Technical Center (customized items department) opened
1988 Jul Components sales office opened
1989 Mar Capital increased to ¥206,710,000
1990 Sep Singapore branch office opened
Mar Capital increased to ¥704,670,000
Oct Stock is registered by JSDA (Japan Securities Dealers Association) to be traded over-the-counter. Capital increased to ¥1,159,170,000
1992 Jul Acquiring Daiichi Keisoku’s business rights, Nagano office and Matsumoto office opened
Jul Malaysia subsidiary opened
Tianjin (China) office opened
Aug Shanghai (China) office opened
May Thailand subsidiary opened
Nov Technical Center satelite office opened
Apr Tohoku satellite office converted to Tohoku sales office
Jul Dalian (China) office opened
1999 Jan Shenzhen (China) office opend
2000 Feb IS09002 certified : Yokohama office
Oct IS09002 certified : Head Office, Tokyo, Tokyo Minami, Tama and Atsugi office
Dec Shiga sales office opened
Oct Wuxi (China) office opened
Nov Kansai sales office opened
Feb IS09001 (follows ISO9002) certified : Head Office, Yokohama, Tokyo , Tokyo Minami, Tama and Atsugi office
Aug Korea subsidiary opened
Dec IS014001 certified : Head Office
May Hiroshima sales office opened
Aug Mishima sales office opened
Sep Beijing, Guangzhou and Zhuhai office opened in China
Oct Fukuoka sales office opened
Dec Stock is listed on the JASDAQ
Jan Mie sales office opened
Mar Acquiring Aikoh Engineering Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary
May Kawasaki sales office opened
Jun Hitachinaka sales office opened
Oct Taiwan branch and Suzhou (China) office opened
Nov Hanoi (Vietnam) , Hangzhou (China), Xiamen (China) and Busan (Korea) office opened
Jan Himeji sales office and Hong Kong office opened
Feb Laem Chabang (Thailand) office opened
Mar Shonan and Koriyama sales office opened
May Minami-Kyushu , Oita sales offices and Kansai merchandise office opened
Jun Acquiring System Keisoku Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary
Jul Qingdao (China) office opened
Aug Vietnam subsidiary and Penang (Malaysia) office opened
Nov IS017025 certified: Singapore branch
Dec Chiang Mai (Thailand) office opened
Mar Denkei Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Subsidary opened
Apr Kitakyushu sales office opened
May Kanazawa sales office opened
Jun Merging Shanghai Denkei Measurement Facility Co., Ltd. with Denkei Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Combined Solution Center (Atsugi) with Solution Center (Tokyo)
Miyazaki satellite office opened
Jul Niigata and Nagaoka sales office opened
Aug Denkei Technology R&D (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Established
Oct Yamagata, Kariya sales office opened and Matsuyama satellite office opened. Philippines and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) office opened
Nov Acquiring UI Corporation as a consolidated subsidiary
Dec Jakarta (Indonesia) office opened
Mar Gurgaon (India) subsidary opened (now consolidated subsidiary)
Apr Changchun (China) office opened
May Matsuyama satellite office converted to Matsuyama office
Jul Kumamoto office opened
Dec Sales Shop “Keisokuki World” opened
IS09001 certified: Nagoya and Kariya office
Sep Combined Niigata office with Nagaoka office
Combined Kitakyushu office with Fukuoka office
Osaka and Hiroshima offices took over Matsuyama office
Oct Bangalore (India) office opened
Sep Dongguan (China) office opened
Nov Changing ISO (domestic) accreditation body to JAB (Japan Accreditation Board) and certification body to JICQA (JIC Quality Assurance)
Mar IS09001 certified: Kawasaki office
Apr Chengdu and Wuhan office opened in China
Nov Convert Jakarta office to Jakarta (Indonesia) subsidary.
Jan Combined Miyazaki office with Kagoshima office
Jul Convert Taiwan branch to Subsidary
Aug Chongqing (China) branch office opened
Oct Nanjing (China) office opened
Jul Changshu (China) office opened
Nov Chennai (India) office opened
Dec Combined Oita office with Kumamoto office
Jan Convert Philippines office to subsidary
Apr Combined Yamagata office with Sendai office
Combined New Business Promotion section with Solution Center
Jun Mirai B Keikaku co.,Ltd. opened as a subsidiary
2015 Apr Combined Discharge And Charge Testing Department with Solution Center
Jan Suzhou Industrial Park (China) office opned
Apr Acquiring ALAE Engineering Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary
Dec Changing Solution Center’s name to Solution Business Promotion Department
Jan Automotive Promotion Department Global Operation Division established
Longhua (China) office opened
Jul IS017025 certified: Malaysia office
Jan IS09001 certified: Inventory Center
Jun US subsidary opened​
Nov Jiading (China) office opened​
Jan Cikarang (Indonesia) office opened​
Mar Tokyo Nishi sales office opened
Apr Okayama sales office opened
Akita satellite office opened
Sep Business commencement at new head office building
Dec Tsurumi ND Building inaugurated
Jan Shin-ei denshi Co., Ltd. becomes a consolidated subsidiary of Nihon Denkei Co.,Ltd.
Apr Oita satellite office opened
Denkei Technology R&D(Suzhou)Co., Ltd. established
Jan Denkei Science & Technology Development (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd established
Oct Denkei Measurement and Control Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. established
Apr Shifted to Tokyo Stock Exchange “Standard” Market(newly categorized)
Nov Atsugi ND Building inaugurated
July Business transfer of Mirai B Keikaku(becoming unconsolidated)
Aug Name ND Korea changed into Denkei Korea Co., Ltd

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