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【Webinar】Measuring Solutions by FUJIFILM

Seminar Outline

High quality inspection is required these days to keep stable or improve product quality.


FUJIFILM will introduce our useful measuring solution line-ups to support your inspection on manufacturing your products including our knowledge on customer applications.



〜 Line-ups 〜

  • Pressure Measurement film “Prescale”
  • Heat Distribution Measurement film “Thermoscale”,
  • UV Distribution measurement film “UVSCALE”


〜 Recommended for the following people 〜

  • Customers who have a trouble on measuring pressure
  • Customers who want to improve product quality

〜 By attending this Seminar, you will gain the following results 〜

    • You will be able to know how to measure pressure
    • You will be able to utilize pressure data on improving product quality


After the seminar, everyone who fills out the survey
will receive a sample of Prescale!
We will also have another webinar in Thai and Indonesia in October.
The date will be fixed soon.

FUJIFILM will also introduce you a new inspection app
“FUJIFILM Prescale Mobile”
which is an easy-to-use pressure quantifing tool.


Prepared by :Ms. Asuka Sato

FUJIFILM Corporation

  • Measurement Solution Group
  • Industrial Products Division

How to join the webinar

After your applications is completed, you will receive an email with a URL for viewing the webinar.

  • This webinar will be conducted using Zoom webinar.
  • You can participate from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Kindly take note that those who are thought to be our competitors are not permitted to log into this site

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