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An EMC Tester Beyond the Standard (Impulse Noise Simulator)

Why did the field problem occur even though the EMC test was carried out?

Current immunity testing for transient phenomena defined by international standards describes a test method that applies a waveform simulating typical electromagnetic noise that occurs in nature, such as ESD, EFT/B and lightning surge.


However, in the actual field, we can be affected by various noises beyond those phenomena described in the standard.


In case of the EFT/B test, it provides only limited power line noise test and sometimes is difficult to reproduce design failures.


NoiseKen’s INS (Impulse Noise Simulator) provides a unique test method that covers the noise phenomena which cannot be reproduced by the EFT/B test defined by the international standard IEC 61000-4-4.

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Impulse Noise Simulator INS-S420

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