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SUGA UV Long-Life Auto Fade Meter U48AU

Performs tests other light sources just can't do. Continuous 48-hour illumination.

Suga UV Long-Life Auto Fade Meter is extensively used for colour fastness test of textile materials. An enclosed carbon arc lamp as the light source has the longest history of use among weathering test apparatus. It has an intense energy in the UV range (around 388 nm) and can be lighted continuously for 48 hours. U48AU has an automatic air control system with an air control valve to mix circulating chamber-air and introduced ambient-air. It also includes a vaporizer, which allows for a highly precise control of temperature and humidity.

UV Long-Life Auto Fade Meter




Suga Test Instruments Co., Ltd.


Light source Enclosed carbon arc lamp
Discharge voltage and current 135 V 士 10 V, 16A 士 2 A
Continuous lighting time 48 hours
Temperature and humidity range 63 ℃ 士 3 ℃ of black panel temperature ; 35 %rh to 50 %rh 土 5 %rh
Temperature circulation Air control valve for continuous air circulation
Humidity control Vaporizer
Quantity of specimen Maximum 108 pieces (Specimen size: 65 mm x 55 mm, 1 mm thick)
Electrical requirements Single-phase, 200 V, approx. 41 A
External dimension Approx. Width 95cm, Depth 104cm, and Height 205cm (Weight: approx. 354kg)
Related standards ISO, MTCC, JIS A 1415, JIS L 0842, and others

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