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SUGA Sunshine Weather Meter S80

The world’s original, precision Sunshine Weather Meter

SUGA developed the original Sunshine Weather Meter decades ago. Today, SUGA’s extraordinary reputation continues with SUGA’s S80 Sunshine Weather Meter. This precision instrument exposes samples to continuous radiation, without interruption, for the longest period. The stable spectral power distribution achieved by our original control system of discharge voltage (50V) and current (60A) contributes to the excellent testing reproducibility. This precision instrument in extremely reliable and easy to use and in conformance with international standards.

Sunshine Weather Meter




Suga Test Instruments Co., Ltd.


Light source Open flame carbon arc lamp (Sunshine Carbon arc lamp, 4 pairs of ultra long life carbon rods)
Continuous lighting time Approx. 78 hours
Discharge voltage and current 50±2V, 60±2A
Test condition Light only, light and spray on front face (rain)
Irradiance 255(±10%) W/m2 (at 300 to 700 nm)
Temperature and humidity range 63±3℃ (Black panel temperature) 30 to 70±5%rh
Number of specimens Maximum 70 pieces (150 × 70 × 1 mm)
Test specimen rack diameter φ960 mm
Electrical requirements 3 phase 200V, approx.39A
External dimension Approx: width 136, depth 135, height 226 cm, weight: 560 kg

Related Standards

Field Standards
International USA JAPAN
Plastic Apr-92 Jan-92 K 7350-4 K 7350-1
Paint 16474-4 16474-1 D822 D3361
Building construction A 1415 A 5422 A 5759
Printed matters and Inks K 5701-1
Textile TM192 L 0891
Aluminum 2135 28340 H 8685-1 H 8602
Glass R 3212
Rubber 4665 D750 K 6266 K 6404-17 K 6404-18
PV modules C 8917 C 8918 C 8938 C 8939
Automotive S 3107 D 0205 D 0208 D 4604
Railway E 1203 E 4037
Tape Z 1541 Z 0237 Z 1528
Non-metallic Materials G152
Safety signs 17398 Z 9096 Z 9107 Z 9117
Meter C 1271-1 C 1272-1

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