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SUGA Combined Cyclic Corrosion Test Instrument CYP-90

Its mission: To serve as the truly global testing model

CYP-90 is an accelerated corrosion test apparatus for metallic materials and coatings capable of salt spray, dry, wet, or ventilation tests either singularly or in cycles. CYP-90 is used as the standard model to be able to conduct cyclic tests specified in JIS, JASO, and ISO. It can simulate accelerated with outdoor exposure. CYP-90 is the most cost-effective combined cyclic corrosion test apparatus. The reference specimens specified in ISO 9227:2006 are used to verify its performance. CYP-90A(for acid rain cycle test),CYP-90D(including salt water immersion test)CYP-90L(30℃ spraying test of anticorrosive paint) and other models are also available optionally.

Combined Cyclic Corrosion Test Instrument




Suga Test Instruments Co., Ltd.


Applicable tests
humidity range
Salt Spray 35 ℃ 土 1 ℃ , 50 ℃ 土 1 ℃ ; 5 % neutral salt water
Dry Ambient temperature + 10℃ to 70℃ 士 1 ℃; 25 %rh 土 5 %rh (at 60 ℃)
Wet Ambient temperature + 10℃ to 50℃ 士 1 ℃; 60 %rh to 95 %rh 士 5 %rh (at 50 ℃)
Not-controlled air introduced from outside: the air as it is (without temperature and humidity control)
Internal dimension of chamber Approx. Width 90 cm, Depth 60 cm, and Height 50 cm
Quantity of specimen 48 pieces (Specim1en size: 150 mm x 70 mm, 1 mm thick)
Specimen mounting angle 15 degrees or 20 degrees to the perpendicular
Three-phase, 200 V, approx. 16A
External dimension of instrument Approx. Width 183 cm, Depth 101 cm, and Height 149 cm
(Height 174 cm with the lid open; Weight: approx. 270 kg)
Related standards JIS H 8502, JIS K 5600-7-9, ISO 14993, ISO 11997-1,
JASO M609, JASO M610, and others

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