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RION Sound level meter and 1/3 octave band real-time analyzer NA-28(Class 1)

Easy to use compact design with comprehensive features.

Rion's priorities for on-site measurements are speed, ease of use, quality and reliability.
The New NA-28 is the top of the Rion range of sound level meters and analyzers. It combines cutting edge technology with excellent quality and unrivalled ease of use.

Sound level meter and 1/3 octave band real-time analyzer


NA-28(Class 1)




  • Ease of use-main functions on dedicated, backlit keys
  • Superb high-contrast backlit TFT-LCD color display
  • Simultaneous measurement and display of 1/1 and 1/3 octaves
  • One keystroke to switch between sound level meter and analyzer display
  • Massive storage capacity using text files stored to CompactFlash memory cards(cf card)
  • Flexible and simple PC connectivity (CF card and USB Virtual Disk)
  • Exceptional battery life using standard alkaline batteries, appro. 16 hours.

Key Capabilities

  • Real Time Octaves (16 Hz to 16 kHz) or 1/3 octaves (12.5 Hz to 20 kHz)
  • Real Time Simultaneous Octaves (16 Hz to 8 kHz) and 1/3 Octaves (12.5 Hz to 12.5 kHz)
  • Data stored as text files direct to CF card
  • Measures and logs Leq, Lmax, Lmin and 5 percentile values (LN) in octaves and/or 1/3 octaves
  • Auto Stores 300 000 data sets or 1 000 hours of 1 second 1/3 octaves onto 2 GB CF card
  • Auto Stores 1 000 data sets or 10 000 of 1 second 1/3 octaves to internal memory
  • Manual Storage for 1 000 data sets internally or 100 000 data sets to 2 GB CF card
  • Linearity 110 dB in Sound Level Meter Mode and 95 dB in Analyzer Mode
  • 16 hours battery life with 4 Alkaline ‘C’ Cells
  • Main and Sub-Channel for simultaneous selection of 2 time or frequency weightings F (Fast), S (Slow), 10 ms Time Weightings plus Peak & Impulse on Sub-Channel
  • Data transfer using CF card or USB (meter/CF card appearing as virtual disk)
  • Measurement can be started by internal or external trigger
  • Comparator output to trigger external devices
  • AC and DC outputs of main and/or sub-channel
  • Expandable functionality using programme cards

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