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RION Sound Calibrator NC-75

Compact and lightweight sound calibrator allows highly reliable and accurate measurement anywhere

■ Integrated newly developed reference microphone enables feedback control that completely eliminates the need for atmospheric pressure and coupler volume correction, resulting in highly accurate and reliable calibration.
■ Effective coupler sound insulation (30 dB or higher*) Permits calibration also in relatively noisy environments.
*A-weighted sound level insulation performance measured with pink noise
■ Each product comes standard with a JCSS Calibration Certificate, demonstrating high quality.

Sound Calibrator






  • Conforming with IEC 60942:2017 class 1 and JIS C 1515:2020
  • Supports calibration of RION sound level meters compliant with IEC 61672-1:2013, JIS C 1509-1:2017 and JIS C 1516:2014.
  • Supports calibration of RION microphones and microphones of other manufacturers meeting the size specifications of IEC 61094-4.
  • Supports 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch microphones (1/4 inch with optional adapter)


  • 1-inch microphones
    To use the sound calibrator with 1-inch diameter microphones, remove the
    1/2-inch microphone adapter.
  • 1/2-inch microphones
    To use the sound calibrator with 1/2-inch diameter microphones, the supplied
    1/2-inch microphone adapter must be in place.
  • 1/4-inch microphones
    To use the sound calibrator with 1/4-inch diameter microphones, use the supplied
    1/2-inch microphone adapter together with the optional 1/4-inch adapter.

Sound Calibrator NC-75 Introduction & Acoustic calibration

Specifications (under standard ambient conditions*)


Applicable standards IEC 60942: 2017 class1, ANSI/ASA S1.40-2006 class1,
JIS C 1515: 2020 class 1, CE marking, WEEE directive, Chinese RoHS
Supported microphones Microphones made by RION and microphones made by other manufacturers that meet the IEC 61094-4 size specifications
1-inch microphones
1/2-inch microphones (with supplied adapter)
1/4-inch microphones (with optional adapter)
Nominal sound pressure level 94 dB
Sound pressure level tolerance Max. ±0.20 dB
Nominal frequency 1 000 Hz
Frequency tolerance Max. ±0.1%
THD + noise Max. 1.0 % (22.4 Hz to 22.4 kHz)
Dimensions and weight Approx. 42 mm (H) x 77 mm (W) x 70 mm (D), approx. 200 g
Power supply IEC LR6 (size AA) alkaline battery x 2
IEC LR6 (size AA) nickel-hydride rechargeable battery (“eneloop pro” supported) x 2
Battery life 50 hours or more (using two alkaline batteries, continuous use)
50 hours or more (using two nickel-hydride rechargeable
batteries [eneloop pro], continuous use)
Supplied accessories Soft case x 1, 1/2-inch microphone adapter x 1, IEC LR6 (size AA) alkaline battery x 2, hand strap x 1, JCSS Calibration Certificate x 1

*RION standard ambient conditions: static pressure 101.325 kPa, ambient temperature 23 ºC, relative humidity 50 %

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