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RION Order Tracking Program CAT-SAA1-ORDTRK

Software for RIONOTE Multifunction Measurement System

The RIONOTE Multifunction Measurement System can simultaneously record rotational speed (rpm) data along with sound and vibration waveform data and perform automatic order tracking analysis based on these data.
This analysis makes it possible to assess the sound or vibration state corresponding to the change in rotational speed, in order to determine the causes of resonance.

Order Tracking Program






  • Drive train noise and vibration analysis for automobiles and motorcycles
  • Vibration analysis of large electric machinery
  • Turbine blade vibration analysis
  • Vibration and noise analysis of power transmission shafts and gears



Number of channels SA-A1B4: 3 channels*, SA-A1B2: 1 channel*
*Because one channel is required for tacho signal input
Tacho signal TTL level pulse, DC signal
Max. rotational speed
(with analysis frequency 20 kHz)
10 000 rpm (at 60 p/r)
600 000 rpm (at 1 p/r)
Order setting Settings up to one decimal point are supported
Order width Settable
(depending on number of FFT sampling points)


Graph Horizontal axis: rpm, Vertical axis: amplitude
Simultaneous overlay display Up to 4 orders (including overall)
Data interpolation Moving average, Weighted moving average
Display data save formats CSV, PNG

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