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RION Judgement Program (Pass/Fail Evaluation) SX-A1CMP

The Judgement Program SX-A1CMP is a software application for the RIONOTE Multifunction Measurement System.

It is suitable for pass / fail evaluation of noise, vibrations and other phenomena in production or inspection lines.
Allows setting threshold areas for FFT analysis results to determine pass/fail.
Depending on the evaluation purpose, a suitable sensor can be selected from various types of microphones or accelerometers.
Operation control from a PLC is also supported as an option (using the Ethernet connector of the RIONOTE).

Judgement Program (Pass/Fail Evaluation)






  • A maximum of 10 settings for upper frequency, lower frequency, upper level, and lower level of a threshold area can be made per channel.
  • The OK conditions for each threshold area can be set to IN, OUT, or Peak.
  • Comprehensive evaluation can be obtained by using evaluation results from each channel and linking them with the channel-to-channel AND/OR setting.
  • Simultaneously show power spectrum and evaluation result for each channel.
  • Tapping a threshold area on the screen gives easy access to the settings for that threshold area.
  • Measurement start can be triggered by external input or time waveform.
  • Five sets of condition settings can be saved.

Measurement condition specifications -Five sets of the condition settings below can be saved-


Analysis frequency 100 Hz / 200 Hz / 500 Hz / 1 kHz / 2 kHz / 5 kHz / 10 kHz / 20 kHz
Analysis points 256 / 512 / 1 024 / 2 048 / 4 096
Window function Rectangular / Hanning / Flat-top
Average method Linear / Max.
Average count 1~1 024
Waiting time 0.0 to 999.9 seconds
Indication characteristics Peak / RMS
Number of graphs 1/2/4
Trigger mode Free / Repeat
Trigger source External / Time wave
Save judgement data file NG / OK / All / No save
Log file save Yes / No

Judgement Program SX-A1CMP (Option)


Input Evaluation condition switching, measurement start / stop control
Output Evaluation result, SX-A1CMP operation status, error information

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