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RION Impact Ball YI-01

Measures floor impact sound insulation properties of building materials

YI-01 conforms the rubber ball impact source defined in ISO 10140-3: 2010 and JIS A 148-2: 2019.
This is used when the impact force of a standard impact source (bang machine) with impact force properties (1) is excessive for a building with a lightweight structure.
Easy to carry, weighing just 2.5 kg. A consistent impact force is achieved by free-dropping from a height of 1 m.

Impact Ball





Octave band impact force exposure levels and tolerances of impact force properties


Octave band center frequency Hz Octave band impact force exposure levels dB Tolerances dB
31.5 39 ±1.0
63 31 ±1.5
125 23 ±1.5
250 17 ±2.0
500 12.5 ±2.0



Major rubber compound Silicone rubber
Shape Hollow sphere with diameter of approx. 178 mm and wall thickness of 32 mm
Equivalent mass 2.5 kg ± 0.1 kg
Rebound coefficient 0.8 ± 0.1
Hardness of rubber 40 °± 5 °

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