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Rion General-purpose Vibration Meter VM-83

For Measurement of Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement.

Measure and evaluate vibrations using a piezoelectric accelerometer or the Servo accelerometer LS-10C.

General-purpose Vibration Meter






  • Connectivity for various kinds of accelerometers enables a wide range of vibration measurements
  • Comparator function with level evaluation output
  • Versatile display characteristics including rms, equivalent peak, equivalent peak-to-peak, maximum value hold, and peak hold
  • AC and DC output connectors
  • Serial interface for enhanced connectivity
  • Data printout capability via serial interface

Application Examples


Product testing

Vibration meter allows detection of problems related to vibration phenomena.

When vibrations above a certain threshold level continue for more than a preset time, an alarm signal is output by the built-in comparator.

This allows automatic evaluation.


Equipment diagnosis

Detect various problem conditions of manufacturing equipment, ranging from low-frequency vibrations caused by unbalance or misalignment to high- frequency problems caused by bearing vibrations.

The comparator function can be used for pass/fail evaluation based on vibration values.

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