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RION General-Purpose Vibration Meter VM-82A

Three measurement modes: acceleration, velocity and displacement Internal memory stores up to 1000 data

The general-purpose vibration meter VM-82A is designed mainly for maintenance and inspection of industrial machinery, with particular emphasis on rotational machinery. Acceleration, velocity, and displacement can be easily measured using a suitable frequency range, allowing comprehensive and precise evaluation of machine vibrations.

Vibration Analyzer






  • Operation panel with optimized button layout makes mode switching and setup easy and fast
  • Wide range of measurement applications supported by selecting different accelerometers
  • Backup function instantly reactivates previous settings at next power-on
  • Convenient USB interface allows transfer of saved data to a computer
  • Up to 24 hours of continuous operation on one set of alkaline batteries. Environment-friendly nickel-hydride batteries are also supported.
  • Compact dimensions and light weight: only 270 grams including batteries



Wide range of possible applications

Using the standard accelerometer PV-57エ supplied with the unit, the measurement range of the VM-82A is as indicated by the  Orange colored section in the table. Selecting a different accelerometer makes it possible to perform a wide range of other measurements.

Accelerometer sensitivity, measurement full-scale range, and frequency range can be set to achieve the measurement configurations shown in the table.

Accelerometer sensitivity
mV/(m/s2) (pC/(m/s2))
full-scale range
Frequency range
ACC (m/s2) Acceleration 0.1 to 0.99 10 to 10 000 3 Hz to 1 kHz, 3 Hz to 5 kHz,
3 Hz to 20 kHz, 1 Hz to 100 Hz
1.0 to 9.9 1 to 1 000
10 to 99 0.1 to 100
VEL (mm/s) Velocity 0.1 to 0.99 100 to 10 000 3 Hz to 1 kHz *10 Hz to 1 kHz
1.0 to 9.9 10 to 1 000
10 to 99 1 to 100
DISP (mm)
0.1 to 0.99 1 to 1 000 3 Hz to 500 Hz, 10 Hz to 500 Hz
1.0 to 9.9 0.1 to 100
10 to 99 0.01 to 10

*Electrical characteristics for velocity from 10 Hz to 1 kHz are compliant with the frequency range requirements of JIS B 0907 “Mechanical vibration of rotating and reciprocating machinery – Requirements for instruments for measuring vibration severity”.


Data store capability

The internal memory of the VM-82A can hold up to 1 000 data. In recall mode, any of the stored data can be easily redisplayed by specifying the desired address. Stored data can also be transferred to a computer. *Bar graph indication and remaining battery capacity indication are not stored. (Transfer software can be downloaded free of charge from the Rion web site.)


Easy-to-read display

The large LCD panel displays the bar graph meter and numeric reading at the same time, making it easy to visually evaluate any changes immediately. The display also shows the frequency range setting and other useful information. Backlighting can be turned on if required, allowing use of the unit also in dark locations. In case of overload, the indication “OVER” appears, and the entire display color changes to red.

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