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RION Environmental noise monitor NA-39A

All required functions for aircraft noise measurement combined in a single system

This system is designed for automated monitoring of aircraft noise. It is capable of calculating evaluation values according to the "Environmental Standard Related to Aircraft Noise". The sound source identification provided as a standard feature is based on real time 1/3 octave band analysis. A GPS function is also standard, for obtaining location information and enabling automatic time calibration. Collected data can be processed with aircraft noise management software for data compilation, viewing, and creating reports.

Environmental noise monitor






  • Various noise level data along with time and location information from the GPS are saved on SD card.
  • Noise arrival direction information and aircraft transponder data are recorded simultaneously with noise event data. (Using optional Noise Arrival Direction Identification Unit AN-39D and SSR Receiver Unit AN-39R)
  • Recording capability for real sound data that can be played back with Aircraft Noise Data Processing Software AS-51 (Using optional Real Sound Recording Software NX-39WR)
  • LAN port and modem connector enable Internet connection via an external router or an ordinary telephone line. Data collection and compilation can be performed automatically, and display of map data in real time is also possible. (Using Aircraft Noise Data Processing Software AS-51))
  • Standard compliance
    • Environmental Standard Related to Aircraft Noise (Dec. 17, 2007)
    • Aircraft Noise Measurement Evaluation Manual (Mar. 2020)
    • ISO 20906: 2009 (Acoustics – Unattended monitoring of aircraft sound in the vicinity of airports)

NA-39 Series Introduction (Hardware)

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