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RION Anechoic Box (Compact Type) RK-SERIES

carefully controlled acoustic properties provide a stable and quiet environment for measurements

* Suitable for use in testing and developing small size precision instruments.
* Wall reflections are damped for enhanced measurement accuracy.
* Wedge-shaped absorber layer provides high sound absorption efficiency.
* Compact dimensions and casters provide mobility.
* Available as standard type L or H with higher sound insulation and absorption characteristics.

Anechoic Box (Compact Type)





Sound insulation performance (Type L)


●Measured according to JIS A 1417. Results may differ slightly, depending on construction of installation location (floor, walls, ceiling) and ambient noise level.

Frequency (63Hz) 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1kHz 2kHz 4kHz
Sound insulation 10dB 15dB 23dB 30dB 35dB 40dB 40dB

*Deviation —3 dB or more

*Figures in brackets are reference values

Dimensions, Weight (Type L)


Model External dimensions Internal dimensions Weight
11L 947 (H) x 904 (W) x 722 (D) mm 500 (H) x 600 (W) x 400 (D) mm 125 kg
22L 1187 (H) x 1104 (W) x 922 (D) mm 700 (H) x 800 (W) x 600 (D) mm 150 kg
33L 1387 (H) x 1304 (W) x 1122 (D) mm 900 (H) x 1000 (W) x 800 (D) mm 200 kg

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