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PRODIGIT 6020 BMS Test System

High compatibility: for a wide range of charge and discharge specifications

1. System Authority Assignment: User Authority Management, which allows different users to assign different permissions.
2. High Extensibility: for multi-string battery cell, 4 cells per channel, expandable from 1 to 16 cells per strings.
3. High compatibility: for a wide range of charge and discharge specifications, and with multi-level current protection test.
4. Battery simulation device modular design: Use one string 16 cells or four string 4 cells battery, simulation device can simulate 0.1 ~ 5V analog battery cell voltage, you can test the core specifications of the PCM product, such as: PCM OC sleep power self-consumption, each string CELL of the charge and discharge protection and balance function.
5. Testing Item includes the BMS DC internal resistance, AC internal resistance, working current consumption, battery cell balance, NTC simulation, various over or under voltage, over current, short circuit protection/recovery actions, etc., using 6020 BMS ATE can provide 1 to 4 groups of BMS test high-performance automatic test system, for each BMS function one by one and fast validation, which in the design verification or quality inspection is suitable for a group of BMS test system, however in the mass production required for rapid testing that needs for four groups of simultaneous testing BMS test system.

6020 BMS Test System






  • Cost effective and full – featured modular design
  • Multi – function test capability for charger, adapter, LED driver power
  • Multi-U.U.T test simultaneously capability,significantly enhance the production line throughput
  • Support Windows 7 operation system
  • Open architecture software platform

1. Support related hardware expansion
2. User editable test item
3. User editable test program
4. User editable report format & statistical report
5. On-line control function
6. User authority control
7. Support Bar Code Reader

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