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Kikusui PCR-LE / LE2 series

PCR-LE / LE2 series

The PCR-LE series is a high-performance, multifunctional AC power supply that inherits the flow of our best-selling AC power supply (linear amplifier method). Not only can it be used as a high-quality regulated power supply, but it can also be used in a variety of applications that take advantage of the characteristics of the linear amplifier system, which allows free waveform control over a wide band. In particular, as a core device in the "grid interconnection test" of distributed power generation such as solar power, wind power, fuel cells, and gas engines, which is called the "new energy field", construction of a test system linked with load devices and power analyzers. Is possible. In addition, by combining abundant options, it also supports low-frequency immunity tests and various power supply environment tests. Furthermore, with parallel, single-phase three-wire, and three-phase operation options, it can be expanded to 27kVA for single-phase, 54kVA for single-phase three-wire, and 81kVA for three-phase, so it can be used as a power supply for large-scale EMC sites and has a large capacity. It can be used as a test power source for industrial air conditioners that are becoming more and more popular.

AC stabilized power supply


PCR-LE / LE2 series



PCR-LE2 series

model PCR6000LE2 PCR9000LE2 PCR12000LE2 PCR18000LE2 PCR27000LE2
Output capacity Single-phase, three-phase four-wire 6kVA 9kVA 12kVA 18kVA 27kVA
Single-phase three-wire 4kVA 6kVA 8kVA 12kVA 18kVA
Maximum output current Single-phase 60A / 30A 90A / 45A 120A / 60A 180A / 90A 270A / 135A
Single-phase three-wire 20A / 10A 30A / 15A 40A / 20A 60A / 30A 90A / 45A
AC mode (L / H range) 1V ~ 150V / 2V ~ 300V
Single-phase 60A / 30A 90A / 45A
Three-phase four-wire 20A / 10A 30A / 15A 20A / 10A 30A / 15A 40A / 20A
DC mode (L / H range) ± 1.4V ~ ± 212V / ± 2.8V ~ ± 424V
Single-phase 42A / 21A 63A / 31.5A 84A / 42A 126A / 63A 189A / 94.5A
Single-phase three-wire 14A / 7A 21A / 10.5A 28A / 14A 42A / 21A 63A / 31.5A

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