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NOISEKEN Space-Magnetic Field Visualization System EPS-02EMF System

This system can surely contribute to drastic reduction of manpower on the countermeasures.

The system detects position of the magnetic field sensor on the basis of the image on the camera first of all and then, recognizes strength of the signal that is measured by the sensor upon frequency analysis of the signal almost simultaneously.
Finally, visualization of the strength dispersion in composition with the real image of the measured object can be realized on screen of PC. In terms of magnetic field in low frequency, International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) published “FOR LIMITING EXPOSURE TO TIME-VARYING ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC FIELDS (1HZ - 100 kHZ). Also, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) have provided the measurement criteria.
Especially in fields of advancing home appliances which efficient power invertors are built in, power generation equipments like photovoltaic applications, railroad vehicles, charging stands which are expanding rapidly accompanied with spread of electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) and wireless power supply, this system can surely contribute to drastic reduction of manpower on the countermeasures.

Space-Magnetic Field Visualization


EPS-02EMF System




  • Measurements specified in ICNIRP2010, IEC 62233 and JIS TS C 0044 conductible.
  • High responsiveness following to the image realized regardless of figures or colors on the sensor part
  • Composite image of the actual image taken by the camera and the measured dispersion strength visualized
  • Taking the measurement conditions and environment inside a vehicle into the account, 5m extension cable is attached to the 3 axes magnetic field sensor.
  • High speed signal processing from the magnetic field sensor realized owing to high speed FFT available the oscilloscope in the frequency analysis.

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