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NOISEKEN Impulse Noise Simulator INS-4020/4040

The NoiseKen's Impulse Noise Simulator INS-4020/4040 is a further development from our versatile INS series simulators for greater ease of use, durability and reliability with new technologies specifically applied to this new product. The most significant addition is automatic ramp operation in output voltage, pulse repetition period and phase angle placement.

Impulse Noise Simulator






  • Automatic ramp operation for output voltage, phase angle and repetition period
  • Floating output
  • Coupling mode selection by plugging the supplied coaxial connector to the selected port
  • Easily changeable mercury relay unit
  • Built-in 50 ohm terminator
  • Up to 5 test settings stored in the internal momory
  • Easily changeable outlet panels
  • CE marked


Item Model
INS-4020 (2kV) INS-4040(4kV)
Output voltage 0.01 ~ 2.00KV ±10% with 50 ohm load, 10V step 0.01 ~ 4.00KV ±10% with 50 ohm load, 10V step
Polarity Positive or negative
Square wave Pulse width 50ns, 100 ns, 200ns, 250ns, 400ns, and any combination thereof, maximum width, 1µs or 10ns±3ns (the shortest connection)
Pulse rise time < 1ns
Output impedance 50 ohm system (53.5 ohm)
Pulse repetition mode VARIABLE 10ms ~ 999ms±10%, 1ms step 16ms ~ 999ms±10%, 1ms step
PHASE 50 or 60Hz, Injection phase angle 0~359°, 1° step, synchronized with L1 – L2 power line frequency for EUT
EXT <EXT mode> <EXT mode>
>10ms, Pulse width>1ms >16ms, Pulse width>1ms
TTL/Open collector negative logic TTL/Open collector negative logic
Also functions for timing reference signals input from an external injection unit
1 SHOT Single pulse injection to the angle selected by PHASE setting, or irrelevant with the EUT line frequency
Memory Up to 5 test settings
Power capacity of equipment under test AC 240V, DC60V, Single phase, DC60V 16A
Power supply AC100 ~ 240V 50/60H
Power consumption 140VA
Operating temperature and humidity 15~35°C / 25~75% (No dewing shall occur.)
Dimensions (W) 430 X (H) 249 X (D) 420 mm(Projections excluded)
Weight Approx. 19kgs

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