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NOISEKEN Electromagnetic Field Visualization System EPS-02Ev3

Three-Dimensional Indication (Time, Frequency, Amplitude) Simplifies EMC/EMI Debugging

EPS is a EMC/EMI debugging tool enabling designers to rapidly perform pre-measurement, failure point identification, and improvement efficiency confirmation in EMC/EMI countermeasure process of product design.
How does it work? The software detects locations of probes by color discrimination through camera’s image sensors*, real time analysis measured signal frequency, shows a heat map by overlapping electromagnetic field strength and real images of measured objects.

Electromagnetic Field Visualization System






  • A real-time diagnostic tool supports EMC/EMI debugging.
  • Fast visualize EMC/EMI problems.
  • Enables easy comparison of countermeasures before and after.
  • Capable of measurement from entire products to single components.
  • Factor-editor function provides correction of antenna characteristics, cable loss and pre-amplifier.
  • User friendly compact design.
  • Customer supplied spectrum and probes acceptable (Please consult)



Frequency range 100kHz ~ 3GHz *Depends on the electromagnetic field probe specifications (The above is for ETS probes)
Measurement unit dBμV、dBm
Sensor/probe φ60 / 30 / 10mm loop coil (magnetic field), φ36mm ball (electric field), φ6mm tip (electric field) Total 5 types *Depends on electromagnetic probe specifications (Probe by ETS-Lindgren)
Probe cable length 2m(N(P)-BNC(P) (Coaxial connector cable)
Data recording method Single / Free Run / Max Hold / Max Peak Data*
Auxiliary function Save / load / export / comment input / factor re-read / camera image retake / Save / load / export / comment input / factor re-read / camera / image retake / up-down & right-left inversion of camera image / ghost display of camera image / Screen enlargement-reduction
Compatible operating system Windows 7 / 10
System configuration Electromagnetic field probe (PN 7405) , BNC (P) -N (P) connector coaxial cable (02-000150A), Three Color Probe Head Cover (03-00111A), RF preamplifier (00-00019A), Spectrum analyzer, Control PC
accessories LAN cable, NI-GPIB-USB-HS GPIB Controller, Camera, USB cable extension 2 m for camera, Tripod for camera, Software, USB protect key, Instruction manual

*Peak Hold: Displays the trace data with the largest peak value from the trace data measured at each measurement point.

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