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NOISEKEN Broadband Sleeve Antenna NKU07M32G / NKU2460G

Broadband sleeve antenna has been developed for efficient immunity testing against hand-held transmitters and cellular phones. Many pieces of spot frequency antennas had to be used in turn thus fur.
This new Broadband sleeve antenna is a single antenna solution eliminating the need for antenna changes and dramatically reducing the test time. Furthermore, this antenna with its small-size and lightweight properties and a flexible handle is suitable for testing in narrow spaces.

Broadband Sleeve Antenna


NKU07M32G / NKU2460G




  • A wide frequency range eliminating the need for antenna changes
  • 30W maximum power input allows high filed strengths
  • High efficiency due to a low VSWR and high gain
  • Suitable for broadband digital modulation thanks to a good VSWR flatness
  • Small, light-weight and flat antenna easy to use in narrow spaces
  • Easy handling with a flexible arm
  • A wide radiation pattern makes directivity of the fields no longer an issue

Broadband Sleeve Antenna NKU07M32G / NKU2460G


Model NKU07M32G NKU2460G
Frequency range 700MHz ~ 3.2GHz 2.4GHz~6GHz
Maximum power input 20 W (continuous) 10W(CW)
30W (continuous 10 minutes)
Input impedance 50Ω
Connector SMA(J)
Dimensions W50 × D8 × H186 mm (projection excluded) W35 × D10 × H108 mm (projection excluded)
Weight 73.5g 20 g

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