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NF Multifunction Generator WF1967/WF1968

Maximum frequency: 200 MHz (sine wave), 70 MHz (square wave, pulse)!

Our function generators have been evolving along with our customers’ desires and our determination to satisfy them.
Our function generators boast accurate and stable output, an abundance of output waveforms, various oscillation modes for various purposes, outstanding user-friendliness and the flexible generation of waveforms that engineers need.

Multifunction Generator


WF1967 / WF1968


NF Corporation


  • Maximum frequency: 200 MHz (sine wave), 70 MHz (square wave, pulse)
    Maximum output voltage: 20 Vp-p/open (10 Vp-p/50 Ω, 110 MHz or less)
    Waveform amplitude resolution: Approx. 16 bit.
  • Various types of output waveforms:
    Sine, square, pulse, ramp, noise, DC, parameter-variable and arbitrary
    Square wave and pulse with high resolution, variable duty of 0.0001%
  • High-speed, large-capacity arbitrary waveform: 420 MS/s, 4 Mi* words
    * Mi represents 220 = 1048576
    Various oscillation modes
  • Floating
    Each output terminal is insulated from the housing, which makes it possible to connect the terminal to equipment with dissimilar electric potentials,reduces noise caused by ground loops.


  • Ultrasonic motor drive test, differential input / balanced input test, LCD panel operation test, digital circuit evaluation test, evaluation of various ICs
  • Simulation of gear rotation signal/Inverter evaluation/ABS・Power Steering Device Test/ECU・ sensor operation test
  • Echo canceller test, amplifier and speaker tone burst test / linearity measurement, wireless communication equipment evaluation test

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