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CONTEC M2M Controller:CPS-MC341-ADSC1-931

M2M Controller CPS-MC341-ADSC1-931 - All-in-one I/O

CONPROSYS M2M Controller - Integrated Type (FANUC MT-LINKi enabled) / OPC UA / MTConnect / CNC / 1x LAN + HUB / 4x DI / 2x DO / 2x AI / 2x CNT / 1x RS-

M2M Controller




Contec Co., Ltd.

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  • Together with OPC UA Server
  • Measurement and Upload
  • Web Monitoring
  • Web Task Script
  • Support a communication protocol MTConnect for machine tools
  • Adaptable to a temperature range between -20 and +60°C
  • For details about an extended warranty, please contact us.


This product is a M2M controller with isolated RS-422A/485, isolated digital input/output, isolated counter input, inter-channel isolated analog input, RS-232C, LAN interface, and Ethernet Hub. It is equipped with the ARM®Cortex®-A8 processor (600MHz) and the 512MB DDR3-SDRAM system memory. On-board NOR-FLASH is utilized for a booting device. CPS-MC341-ADSC1-931 contain OPC UA server function within. The product can communicate directly with HMI and SCADA software that support OPC UA clients from various makers. With the CONPROSYS series, data can be collected from various types of facilities and managed them all centrally. All the processes from development to operation can be performed on a web browser. The functions such as Web monitoring of I/O information, alarm processing by I/O information, task divergence enable you to create a Cloud System at low cost and in a short time. This product is in compliant with the following standards: CE, FCC, KC, UL and VCCI

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