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IWATSU Universal Counters SC-7217A / SC-7215A

A Maximum of 3GHz(SC-7217A), and the Digit Display Greatly Increased to Accommodate a Maximum of 12Digits/sec

The SC-7217A / SC-7215A universal counters provide full capabilities including frequency, period, time interval, pulse width, phase, frequency ratio, duty cycle, event accumulation and peak voltage measuring, with simple operation. They are suitable for R&D and technical training as a basic measuring instrument as well as for production/inspection lines.

Universal Counters


SC-7217A / SC-7215A




Easy operations with single key strokes for each action.
Making line inspection tasks more efficient is a simple chore with the comparison and statistic calculation functions.
The scaling calculation function enables single unit conversion (revolutions, speed, etc.)
Input signal peak voltage measurements make it easy to confi rm the waveform amplitude.
The save/recall function for panel setup makes predetermined inspection tasks more effi cient.
USB, LAN, RS-232 (option) and full remote control with GPIB (option)
Full lineup of options to provide greater expandability
・ Data stored on USB storage memories.
・ High-stability clock oscillator option.

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