Nihon Denkei India own a demo machine for the following products.
If you want to test, please feel free to contact us.

Demonstration machine of Rion / NL-52

Sound Level Meter NL-52

  • NL-52
  • Qty:1

It is possible to measure the audible frequency range!
∗The audible range: 20Hz~20KHz (NL-52 can measure from 10Hz to 20KHz)

Demonstration machine of Rion / VM-82A

Vibration Meter VM-82

  • VM-82
  • Qty:1

It is possible to measure vibrations (low frequency vibrations) that make you drowsy while driving a car!
∗Vibration around 4.7 KHz can be measured.  

Demonstration machine of Rion / SA-A1

RIO NOTE( Frequency Analyzers) SA-A1

  • SA-A1
  • Qty:1

“Sound” and “vibration” can be measured simultaneously with in abundant variations!

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