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Hioki – DT4281
High-End Digital Multimeter

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Product Specification

Designed for maximum safety in the field when measuring current with clamp-on sensors.
DC voltage 60.000 mV to 1000.0 V
AC voltage 60.000 mV to 1000.0 V
DC + AC voltage 6.000 V to 1000.0 V
DC current 600.00 μA to 600.00 mA
AC current 600.00 μA to 600.00 mA
AC clamp-on measurement Frequency
Resistance Continuity check
Temperature Diode test
Capacitance Conductance
Key Features
• Robust design capable of withstanding a drop from a height of 1 m
• USB communications function supports PC measurements (optional)
• Measures large currents with optional clamp probe
(only for DT4281, which has no 10 A terminal for accident prevention)
• 60000 count, 5-digit display, high-resolution measurements
■ Product Information ■


Accurately measure the voltage output from the secondary sides of inverters by eliminating harmonic components
Measure the fundamental wave alone by eliminating harmonic components with the DT4281’s low-pass filter function.

Measure the Ripple voltage of DC Charging Systems
Measure ripple voltage with a superposed DC singal by using peak value measurement and DC+AC voltage Measurement

Clamp-On Sensor based current measurement eliminates the cause of accidents
Mistakenly measuring voltage using the current range may lead to a short-circuit.
The DT4281 eliminates the root cause of such accidents by providing clamp-on sensor based current measurement functionality instead of using conventional probes.

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