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RION Webinar Basics of Sound

Denkei X Rion


Basics of Sound

Rion Webinar

We will introduce the knowledge to
make the best use of Rion products!

July 22, (Fri.) 14:00~15:00

(Japan: 15:00~16:00)

Admission free, Language Spoken:English

Recommended for the following people

You are doing sound measurement and feel you lack basic knowledge
You are doing sound measurement but wonder if you are getting the right results.
You are thinking of starting sound measurement

Lecturer:Yoji Masumi

Sales Engineering Department

  1. Worked at International Sales Department at Tokyo HQ
  2. Stationed at an overseas office supporting sales team with technical and practical knowledge
  3. Engaged in technical support and seminar lecturing both in and out of Japan since April 2021.

How to join the webinar

After your applications is completed, you will receive an email with a URL for viewing the webinar.

This webinar will be conducted using Zoom webinar.
You can participate from anywhere with an internet connection.
Kindly take note that those who are thought to be our competitors are not permitted to log into this site.

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