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ADCMT DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor 6253

Best for development or evaluation of high-precision electronic components by wide source range and 6½-digit measurement resolution

The DC voltage current source/monitor 6253 is suitable as power source for evaluation of semiconductors and other electronic components and as power source of characteristic systems. In addition to high accuracy, high stability and low noise of our strengths, the 6253 realizes higher precision features such as 5½ digit source resolution, 6½-digit measurement resolution and basis accuracy of ±0.02 %. Furthermore, the 6253 can support various applications by the sweep functions, high-speed pulse measurement function with a minimum pulse width of 25 μs, the variable integration function and the newly adopted variable slew rate function.

DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor






  • Source and measurement range
    Voltage: 0 to ±110 V, Current: 0 to ±2 A
  • 5½ source digits and 6½ measurement digits(measurement resolution: 100 nV/1 pA)
  • High-speed pulse source with the minimum pulse width of 25 μs
  • Variable slew rate function: 10.0 V/s to 99.9 kV/s
  • Variable integration function
  • Sink-enabled bipolar output
  • Voltage and current parallel measurement by twin A/D converters


Number of digits for generation
Output method Bipolar
Maximum output (top)
Minimum resolution (bottom)
 Voltage ±110 V/0.5 A
5 μV
 Current ±2 A/32 V
50 pA
Number of digits for measurement
Accuracy (typical range) 0.02 %
Minimum measurement resolution Voltage 100 nV
Current  1 pA
Pulse application / Measurement Available
Minimum pulse width 25 μs
 Interface USB/GPIB/LAN (option)/RS232 (option)

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