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Voltage, current, power measuring instruments

Voltage, current, power measuring instruments


Digital Multimeter
Model: 7481

8½-digit high-precision and high-accuracy
digital multimeter for system calibration



Digital Multimeter
Model: 7351A/7351E/7351E+03

Low-price 5 1/2-digit DMM for general-purpose applications



Digital Multimeter
Model: 7352A/7352E

Evolution from Dual to TWIN!
Open up a new age of digital multimeters by real two-channel synchronous measurement.


Digital Multimeter
Model: 7461A/7461P/7451A
High-speed and variable integration time DMM supporting multiple applications.

Digital Electrometer
Competitive digital electrometer with 5½-digit display for evaluation and testing of semiconductor, electronic components and optical devices

Ultra High Resistance Meter
Ultra high resistance meter capable of voltage source up to ±1000V, active in chemical and material fields

I-V Meter
UltrBest for solar cell and module production lines by high-speed I-V measurement

IR Meter
Model:4000 / 4005X Series
Maximum 4 channels mountable modular-system IR meter

PV Cell Evaluation System
Overall evaluation system capable of meauring solar cell dark current

Multi-Channel PV Cell Evaluation System
Solar cell evaluation system optimal for exposure test

Solar Panel I-V Measurement System
I-V measurement system for high-capacity solar panels up to 320 W