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Power Supplies・Electronic Load devices

Power Supplies・Electronic Load devices



Compact Multi-Output DC Power Supply
PMX-Multi Series

Free Combination 200W Output Capacity. 3 New Models!




Programmable AC/DC Power Source

The Hybrid Power Control Achieeves Stable Output in Various Load Conditions!




Compact Wide Range DC Power Supply
PWR-01 Series

New Flagship Bench-top DC Power Supply!



Power Intelligent Bi-Polar Supplies
PBZ Series

Intelligent power supply providing arbitrary waveform generation and accurate power simulation!



Bipolar DC Power Supply
BP series

Wide Range Output Area Voltage / Current 4 Quadrants Operation 10 Models, ±10A to ±100A!



Ultra-Compact AC/DC Programmable Power Supply
PCR-WE/WE2 Series

The next generation of high-power programmable AC power suppliers!



Compact AC Power Supply
PCR-MA Series

Compact, Switching AC Power Supply!



4-Channel DC Voltage/Current Source/Monitor

Synchronous source and measurement across 4 channels


DC Voltage Current Source
Model:6146 / 6156
Standard power source best used as calibrator and secondary battery simulator

DC Voltage Current Source
6½-digit working standard suitable for calibration High-accuracy and highly stable with bipolar output

DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor
Capable of high-speed response pulse source, 5½-digit measurement and highprecision low-resistance measurement

DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor
Model:6241A / 6242
High-performance DC voltage current source/monitor capable of pulse source/measurement with a minimum pulse width of 50 μs

DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor
Model:6243 / 6244
SMU ideal for electronic circuit/component evaluation by flexible source and measurement

DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor
Model:6247C / 6247G
SMU capable of testing high-voltage devices Output voltage up to +250 V and output current up to ±320 Ma

DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor
Best for development or evaluation of high-precision electronic components by wide source range and 6½-digit measurement resolution